Friday, November 19, 2010

Denver Post Article - A Hero for Smartest Students

A Hero for Smartest Students - an interview with Susan Scheibel, CAGT President, appeared in the Denver Post.

Of equal interest are some of the comments - scroll down to the bottom of the article to find Comments. Here's an excerpt from one by poster 'Donny Brook' ...

"While I feel extremely fortunate to have been born gifted, in some ways it is limiting. Growing up as the smart kid got me stuffed in a few lockers. People wanted to be my friend in class, only to find out they were using me to get the answers. It was a lot of years before I could figure out who might have been genuine and who was just using me."

Click here to go to the article.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ALP Information Night

Don't forget ...

Wednesday, November 17 at 6.30 pm
at Cory Elementary School
1550 S Steele Street, Denver

Come find out about Advanced Learning Plans. Learn what they are and how they benefit your child if they're identified as gifted.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Smartest Students are Stranded at the top"

From a Denver Post article ...

"The inequity in state funding for special needs students is enormous. Colorado spent 34 times as much on special education students as it did on gifted students in 2008-2009. The state spent $8.2 million on gifted education - compared to $20 million on English language learners and a colossal $278.2 million on special education, says the Colorado Department of Education.

The myth that gifted students 'will do just fine' without special services puts these children at risk academically, socially and emotionally.

Gifted students need to know we value their differences and take pride in their intellect...."

This was from an article back in August but relevant given the proposed changes to bus services for HGT students by DPS Click here for the article.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Denver Public School - GT in the News

Applications surge for Highly Gifted Programs - article published on Education News Colorado at


Ethnic Imbalances Persist - article published on Education News Colorado at


DPS Board considers proposal to cut all HGT bus services in Denver -

Click here for Denver Post article and here's the presentation to the DPS Board discussing how to cut bus services for HGT/GT students across magnet programs in Denver.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Advanced Learning Plans - November 17

Want to know more about Advanced Learning Plans?

DAGT are holding an Information Night on ALPs.

Barb Neyrinck, Roberta Makeley, Rebecca McKinney and Laurie Eaton from the DPS GT Department will be presenting and answering questions.

Join us at Cory Elementary, 1550 S.Steele Street, Denver on Wednesday, November 17 at 6.30pm

Bring your Questions! Learn about ALPs!

Monday, October 4, 2010

CAGT Parent Institute is around the corner!

"Ignite the Passion in Your Child and Yourself" at the Parent Institute this year!

Monday, October 18 at 5pm for Reception and 6pm for Dinner at the DTC Marriott. CAGT's annual Parent Institute is one of the best opportunities to hear from leading speakers in giftedness.

Raising a gifted child can be difficult and tiring so come along to parent institute for insight! To learn more go to

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr Delisle in Denver

Thank you to Dr James Delisle for a fantastic presentation in Denver last night. Participants who'd like a copy of the handout can email Also, for those wanting to order Dr Delisle's book on parenting, you can go to Prufrock Press.

Dr Delisle is continuing with presentations across Colorado, including two more parent evenings. He's at Boulder Valley GT tonight (Thursday, Sep 23) and then onto Eagle County Gifted Education Team next Monday, Sep 27.

Thanks again to Dr Delisle for an informative and often poignant evening. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, extensive experience, and your dedication to the well being of gifted kids!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dr Jim Delisle - September 22 at Southmoor Elementary

Advance tickets are going fast. Email to get your tickets* to see Dr Jim Delisle speaking on the Top 10 Strategies for Raising a Healthy and Successful Gifted Child.

Time: 6.30pm
Date: Wednesday, September 22
Where: Southmoor Elementary, 3755 S Magnolia Way, Denver

This is going to be a great night! Don't miss out. Pre-order tickets today. *CAGT members receive two free tickets per household. *Non-members $20 each.

To become a CAGT member, go to today! And then email to confirm your seats.

Monday, August 30, 2010

An Emmy!!! Claire Dane wins Emmy for her performance as Temple Grandin!

At the 62nd Emmy Awards .. on Temple Grandin's 63rd Birthday! Claire Danes gets the Emmy for her performance as Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin is an inspiration, twice gifted and Colorado living treasure! She spoke recently at Boulder Valley Gifted back in April to a record crowd. Click through to see Claire Danes at the Emmys last night and for more about Temple Grandin herself, click here. Congratulations to you both Ms Danes and Ms Grandin!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dr James Delisle right here in Denver

Don't miss out on seeing Dr James Delisle speak on strategies for raising a happy and healthy gifted child.

He'll be at Southmoor Elementary at 6.30 pm on Wednesday, September 22.

CAGT/DAGT members receive 2 free tickets per household. Reserve seats in advance by emailing

Non member tickets are $20. Available at door or purchase in advance by emailing

Questions can be directed to Mandianne Berg on 303-502-7259

Tickets available at the door but to ensure seats, reserve ahead of time!

Become a CAGT/DAGT member today!!! Sign up by September 20 online at to ensure free tickets to this event (membership is is $40 annually, see website for full list of member benefits).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CAGT Parent Institute

Ignite the Passion in both you and your child!!! Don't miss out on the best evening of the year for parents, grandparents and advocates of gifted kids!

Monday, October 18 at the Marriott, Denver Tech Center

5pm reception and 6pm dinner and an evening of inspirational speakers and focus groups. Click through to the CAGT website for more details and to register Today!!! This is one not to miss!

Monday, June 7, 2010

GT Institute for DPS Principals & Teachers

Thank you to Denver Public Schools GT Institute for Principals and Teachers. I greatly appreciated being able to spend a few minutes talking about DAGT this morning.

It was empowering to see so many expierienced, caring educators come together who are dedicated to supporting the needs of gifted students.

Thank you teachers and principals! And have a wonderful summer vacation!

Mandianne Berg
DAGT President

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dr Stuart Omdal Speaks about Giftedness

When - Monday, March 22 at 7pm
Where - Carson Elementary in the Auditorium

Just a reminder!! Come and hear Dr Stuart Omdal speak on the Myths about Giftedness. This is not just a chance to hear a great speaker, someone from the NAGC's board and all round interesting person ... it's a chance to meet and catch up with other folk interested in both gifted education and advocacy.

Also, take a look at the CAGT website for details on Dr Rick's Olenchak's presentation coming up in April. Click here.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Myths About Giftedness

Speaker Event!!!

When - Monday, March 22 at 7pm
Where - Carson Elementary School - 5420 E First Ave, Denver

Come and hear Dr Stuart Omdal, PhD speak on the Myths About Giftedness

Also, Linda Crain will be talking about CAGT and it's benefits.

For further enquiries, email us here at

Whether your child is currently in a gifted program ... or whether you're wondering, this event is for you!

Whether you're a teacher, administrator, or want to know more about what giftedness is, and is not, then this is for you!

About Dr Stuart Omdal - He was an elementary teacher for 15 years, both in the regular classroom and as a gifted education coordinator facilitating the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. After completing graduate school at the University of Connecticut in 1995 he has been a professor of gifted education at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). He is the Education Director for the Summer Enrichment Program and Assistant Director of the Center for the Education & Study of Gifted, Talented, Creative Learners at UNC. His professional interests include creativity in education, twice-exceptionality, under-achievement of students from non-dominant cultural and language groups, and the evaluation of gifted education teachers. He is on the board of directors for the Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students (AEGUS), the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) and the National Association for Gifted Children.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Legislative Day Special Session for Parents, Advocates and Educators - recap

Thanks to Senators Joyce Foster, Rollie Heath and Mary Hodge for sharing views and taking questions and comments at the Special Session for parents, advocates and educators.

The excellent presentation made by Great Education Colorado can be found by clicking here .. it's well worth seeing some of the stats and what this organisation does. CAGT is now a member.

The Special Session had vibrant comments and great questions for the Senators.

Thank you to Julie Gonzales for a great session and also to Linda Crain who organises the student shadowing at the Capitol. Thanks also to the team who also worked hard to put a great day together.

Reminders -

A quick reminder that Linda Silverman is speaking tonight, for information, click through to Jeffcogifted.

Finally, the inspiring and moving story of Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes is featuring on HBO at the moment. Boulder Valley GT along with Boulder Autism Society of Boulder County is hosting an evening where you can hear her speak. Click through for details.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Legislative Day 2010 at the Capitol

When - Thursday, Feb 18

Legislative Day is a CAGT sponsored event that provides opportunities for gifted students to shadow a Colorado Legislator!

Legislative Day also includes a morning session for Parents, Educators and Advocates. Even if your child isn't participating, you have the unique opportunity to attend this special session. You're invited to meet lawmakers and learn more about gifted education in Colorado.

Where? The State Capitol Senate Conference Room 356
Register at today!!! Registrations close Feb 12.

Welcome to DAGT

We'll be regularly updating this site with information about events and happenings in the Denver area. Welcome!!